The difference between LVT floor/SPC floor/WPC floor

The flooring industry has developed rapidly in the past ten years, and new types of flooring have continuously emerged, such as LVT flooring, WPC wood plastic flooring and SPC stone plastic flooring. Let me take a look at the differences between these three new types of flooring.

LVT Floor
1.LVT floor structure: The internal structure of the LVT floor generally includes a UV paint layer, a wear-resistant layer, a color film layer, and an LVT mid-bottom material layer. Generally, the mid-bottom material is a three-layer LVT compound. In order to improve the dimensional stability of the floor, the customer will require the factory to add glass fiber mesh to the midsole layer to reduce the deformation of the floor due to temperature changes.

2.The main components of LVT flooring: PVC resin, stone powder, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, modifiers, carbon black, etc., among which PVC resin and stone powder are the main components

3. LVT floor production process: The biggest feature of the production process is the production of each layer of LVT sheet, which is generally processed into a sheet with a thickness of 0.8~1.5mm by the method of “compounding + calendering”, and then through the assembly of blanks and hot pressing. The method is made into the required thickness of the finished floor.

WPC floor
1.WPC floor includes paint layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer LVT layer, and WPC substrate layer.
2.The composition of WPC floor: The main composition of WPC floor is similar to LVT floor. The biggest difference is the addition of foaming agent to WPC material, which makes the floor lighter and feels better.

3.WPC floor production process: As can be seen from the product structure diagram, WPC floor is a composite floor containing LVT and WPC substrates. The technological process is to first make a single-layer structure LVT floor, and then press the extruded WPC base material into a composite molding with an adhesive. The adhesive used is a polyurethane cold-pressed adhesive.

SPC floor
1. The structure of SPC floor: The current SPC floor on the market includes three types, single-layer SPC floor that is laminated online, AB structure of LVT and SPC composite and SPC composite floor of ABA structure. The picture below shows the single-layer SPC floor structure. 

2. The main components of SPC flooring: it is also PVC flooring products, and the main raw materials are basically the same. Different from LVT flooring, the SPC flooring substrate is added with lubricant during the production process for smoother completion. Extruded.

3. SPC floor production process: similar to the WPC floor substrate, the SPC substrate is also extruded and calendered by an extruder into a sheet-like plate, and then a color film and wear-resistant layer are attached to the surface. If it is an SPC composite floor with AB or ABA structure, the SPC base material is extruded first, and the LVT layer is pressed and laminated through the composite method.

The above is the difference between LVT flooring, WPC flooring and SPC flooring. These three new types of flooring are actually derivatives of PVC flooring. These three new types of flooring are more widely used than wood flooring due to their special materials. They are widely popular in the European and American markets, while the domestic market has yet to be popularized.