SPC Flooring Extrusion Machine

SPC Flooring Extrusion Machine Description:

Based on over 10 years’sheet extrusion and lamination production experience, the SPC flooring extrusion machine will be energy saving, high efficient and stable. Easy operation and maintenance and QC checking, and working with high safety.

SPC Flooring Extrusion Machine-anzhu

Easy operation and maintenance and QC checking, and working with high safety. SPC flooring extrusion equipment suitable for special SPC flooring formulation, with good performance on shrinkage and bending.
Design parameters

Product sizeL=975mm
Product Thicknessδ=1.0-9.0mm
Linear Speed1.5-2.4m/min
Production Capacity22-30Ton/24hrs
Raw MaterialPVC+CaCo3
PVCCaCo3 = 1:2-3

Working environment requirements

Operation condition380v/3 phase/50Hz, or as customized
Cooling water temperature<15℃ with water pool about 30cbm
Air pressure0.6Mpa
Workshop dimensionAbout 5000~6000sqm, with height Min.9m, and one side length min. >60m
Production Capacity22-30Ton/24hrs
Workship floor requirement10cm cement floor, bearing capacity>1.5ton/m2
Main materialPVC powder, caco3 and chemical additives
Product sizeWidth 970mm, thickness 2~8mm, length Max. 2500mm

Formula and cost analysis
(Raw material formula for reference,calculation based on SPC industry in China market)

NameWeight(kg)Unit price (rmb/kg)Remarks
PVC SG-51006.5K Value 66~68
Calcium Carbonate3300.3300~400mesh SiO2<2% Ca>98% White>80%
Recycled Material30~50//
ACR311For strength
I801 Stearic Acid0.97.8Inner lubricate
PE Wax0.810Outer lubricate