PVC wallboard equipment

Jiangsu shuangjun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in customized production of PVC wall panel equipment. The wall panel extrusion line is mainly composed of conical twin-screw, extruder, vacuum setting table, tractor, cutter and stacking rack. Pvc wall board equipment adopts automatic control, with high degree of automation, stable equipment, simple operation and high production efficiency. Through molds of different specifications, we can produce wood plastic decorative wallboard, wood plastic wallboard, quick loading wallboard, ecological wallboard and bamboo wood fiber wallboard of various specifications, sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

Market prospect of PVC wallboard equipment:

After years of development, China’s home building materials industry has entered a new stage. With the continuous development of science and technology and people’s demand for high standards of life, the home industry has also entered a new situation of overall chemical industrialization. Consumers have begun to pursue convenience, aesthetics and integrity from the previous decoration method of simply pursuing practical functions, Demand is increasingly diversified,

Wall decoration materials will inevitably be irreversible and will develop to the stage of industrialized and standardized production. For modern people whose quality of life has reached a new height, they need a fashionable and beautiful wall and roof with integrated decoration. The integrated decoration of wall and roof is the trend of development in the future, and the market prospect is broad

Driving force and business opportunities for the development of PVC wallboard equipment

1. Green and environmentally friendly ecological wood planks are more popular with consumers.

2. Home decoration requires more and more individuation, and the original products with ecological wood personality are more popular.

3. The overall decoration style of home is popular, combined with the overall style of furniture.