Difference between SPC stone plastic floor production line and PVC stone plastic floor equipment

PVC stone plastic floor production line, SPC floor equipment is the equipment that uses PVC and calcium powder as the main raw materials to produce SPC stone plastic floor. The raw material is plasticized and extruded into sheets, four-roll calendering hot-applied color film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer, and various embossed wood grains and various patterns are made. It is produced by processes such as wear-resistant treatment, slitting and grooving. The difference between it and the traditional floor is that it is environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and fire-resistant. The stone plastic floor is produced by using PVC powder, additives, etc., after high temperature calendering, and adding a wear-resistant layer on the surface. It is impossible to contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances. At the same time, the stone-plastic floor does not need to cut down trees and destroy the ecology, so it has won the title of “environmentally friendly new material”, which is also a major advantage of the stone-plastic floor compared with traditional paving materials. The SPC stone plastic floor structure has 4 layers from bottom to top: – Bottom layer, using calcium powder, PVC mixture material as the backing – Printed layer, the design of the LVT floor is printed on the bottom layer —Wear-resistant layer, pure PVC transparent wear-resistant layer covers the printed layer —UV protective coating, SPC floor equipment, clean treatment of wear-resistant layer